Project Gorgon Survey Helper

Is this totally broken and wrong?

Possibly! This supports motherlodes now. Using this tool could possibly cause your pets to explode.


Make sure you're playing Project Gorgon. If not, you're missing out and also this tool will be marginally less useful.

Okay, So What the Heck?

Surveying can be a lot of work, plus you want to get the bonuses for rapidly finding surveys. Some players organize them into quadrants or sort them in their inventory to make the run easier. This tool is a little different. It helps you make a map of the surveys in the order they are currently in your inventory.

Is This Cheating?

Nope. We asked. (This tool started out as a piece of plastic taped to the monitor and a red dry-erase monitor, before it gradually metastasized into javascript.)

How Does This Work?

Surveys are logged to chat logs. Load them into this tool to find the locations of your surveys and see them on a map.

Under the Settings menu, in the "Special" section, add "LogChat" to your special settings. There are instructions there.

You'll need to find your chat logs to load them into this tool. On Windows, that's a place like %APPDATA%\..\LocalLow\Elder Game\Project Gorgon\ChatLogs

Head over to the Map tab to get started!

Who Are You and Why Make This?

This arguably helpful tool is brought to you by one or more of the pathologically helpful folks in the Rowen Trading Guild and maybe also the Church of Ormorek, Reconstituted.

This tool does not upload any data to the internet. It runs entirely in your web browser. Spying on you would cost money, anyway.

Aaaahhh! Help!

Boy, don't I know it. Post a question or comment on the Project Gorgon Forum thread or and I'll try to help.

Zone Map A B
Optional Renumbering:

Helpful Surveying Checklist:
  1. Check all your surveys, one at a time. Savor the clicking.
  2. Drag this famous dwarf so their nose is centered on the position where you checked the surveys.
    For motherlodes, place each marker where you performed that group of surveys.
  3. Put your chat logs in the Chat Logs tab and click on the Find Survey Locations button.
  4. Back here, there should be numbered red dots everywhere, tantalizing but also kinda taunting.
  5. Click and drag the bottom or right side of the map to resize it if desired.
  6. Say a brief prayer to Ormorek, like "I need a beer."
  7. Sort of think about the route you want to take.
  8. Don't think too hard about your other life decisions.
  9. Survey away!
    • Click the survey positions to toggle their color if it helps to track where you've been.
Survey Type:

0 Surveys Found. 0 Surveys performed. Position map markers to locate them.